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The World Can Break Your Heart.  Let's Talk About It.  

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Dr. Mitchell C. Schulman

It's been said that, The World Can Break Your Heart.  Few, if any of us, reach adulthood without having encountered loss, disappointment, distress, conflict, betrayal, shattered relationships, or any number of instances of high stress or emotional wounding.  For many, the impact of such episodes can be profound, and can leave painful, or traumatic, or life-changing consequences. These experiences can often lead to depression, fear, anxiety, persistent anger, feelings of inadequacy, withdrawal from others, and a pervasive emotional discomfort that can shadow our days and nights.

A psychotherapist in clinical practice for over 25 years, Dr. Mitchell Schulman brings wide experience, therapeutic skill, and a broad and practical  perspective to his work with clients.  Addressing your concerns within a predominantly Cognitive-Behavioral therapy framework, you can be helped to understand the nature of your emotional distress and discomfort, to recognize the beliefs that keep negative emotions active in your life, to develop strategies for shifting perspective toward healthier beliefs and behaviors and healthier emotional expression, and to discover new ways to meet the challenges of living an ethical, generous, happy and fulfilling life.  

Kailo is an ancient word meaning whole, intact, or undamaged. Effective psychological counseling can offer you opportunities to re-connect to your resilience, restore your emotional integrity, recover motivation, develop a healthier and realistic outlook, ease your emotional burden, find internal comfort, participate in community, and commit to moving forward with your life.

Keep in mind that psychotherapy - even short-term therapy -  is work, and it often isn't easy.  You may have to face difficult decisions, and relinquish the old and familiar beliefs, or attitudes, or behaviors, or relationships that no longer serve you. But - in a safe and supportive environment -  confronting what's been problematic for you can help you find again the joy and the optimism that may have once been present in your life - and restore your emotional strength and confidence. 


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You're invited to call and schedule a 30-minute, no charge / no-obligation confidential meeting to ask questions, share and discuss your concerns, and learn about about psychological services available to you here. This will be an exploratory, informational meeting and psychotherapy will not be conducted.

Dr. Mitchell Schulman, Licensed Psychologist

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Please contact Dr. Schulman with questions or to request an initial meeting.  You are welcome to use this e-mail contact form.  However, kindly note:  A brief telephone contact will be required prior to scheduling your first meeting - to prepare to meet you, and to provide you with Intake information and office directions.

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